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Shopping For Pottery In The Hill Towns Of Umbria
Shopping for pottery in the hill towns of Umbria? You've chosen the right place. This region is chock full of[...]
The Art Of Hand Painting Italian Ceramics
  When I visit ceramic artists studios in Italy, I often spend some time to just watch the master painters[...]
Adding Authentic Tuscan Ceramics Into Your Home Decor
​Looking to add a little family charm to your new home? Look no further than Italy for inspiration. Try adding[...]
Buying Pottery In Deruta-Italian Artisan Shops
​ Deruta offers some of the best artisan shops in Italy. Buying pottery in Deruta you'll pay substantially less than[...]
How To Be Sure You’re Buying Authentic Italian Ceramics
​A lot of the ceramics in stores today is not actually from Italy. Stores in the US, in particular, are[...]

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For Those who may be looking for authentic Italian merchandise to buy online, 'Made In Italy' represents a standard of quality, innovation and individuality that is universally recognized. Our range of Italian Studio Pottery represent the very best of 'Made in Italy. Join in the joy that comes from owning examples of magnificent handcrafted Italian pottery that are created by artisans who respect the traditions of the past while being able to incorporate the very best of the contemporary and the modern.

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