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It wasn’t until I visited a fair in Florence in 1978, that my love affair with majolica began. At that time I was the general purchasing manager for a large international retail company.The job involved four yearly trips to Italian cities for project meetings at the head office situated in Padua.

My mother in law asked if I would bring back a couple of Italian ceramic pieces she had seen at a pottery studio in Duruta that same year.

My visit to Duruta was an experience I will never forget. I learned that every town or city had its own beautiful pottery patterns and designs. I bought a dinner set as a gift for my wife and determined to return the following year.

Ceramic Junkies Of Note

authenticTuscan ceramics

Well, by 1995 our house was full of brightly colored Italian pottery we bought from shops in towns and cities in Tuscany and Umbria. I admit it. I’m a ceramic junky.

My wife  dale and I have been collecting Italian ceramics for many years, always alert for unique new pieces for our home.We treasure so many lovely pieces that remind us of our travels and bring memories of all the fun we had in the places we visited over the years.

Over the years we've learned a lot about shopping for ceramics in Italy: where to shop, how to get a good price, and also how to get them home safely!

If you are planning a trip to Italy, in search of Italian studio pottery you will find shops and studios overflowing with beautiful hand painted ceramics. From serving bowls to elaborate centerpieces, biscotti jars to vases and salt and pepper shakers, these beautiful ceramics can dazzle the eye — and drain your credit card account if you're not careful!

Before you go let me share a few tips from our experiences.

The joy that comes from owning magnificent handcrafted Italian pottery is difficult to describe and sadly time may slowly be running out.These days ceramic workshops that have been making beautiful ceramics for generations are closing. some of our favorite stores have disappeared forever. So Sad! Fewer young people are willing to learn the ancient craft and enter a trade that many people believe is dying.

But true majolica devotees still flock to the ceramic towns and cities, where the artisans continue to produce colorful ceramic pottery that is shipped worldwide.

We Can't All Race Off To Italy

If you are looking for authentic Italian shopping online, our range of artisan products represent the very best of 'Made in Italy' Your delivery is guaranteed by Amazon'.

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Here are a few testamonials from satisfied customers!

"We visited Sienna last year and loved the ceramics we saw. We were too scared to transport something like this back to the US in case it was broken. You can imagine how delighted we were to find this centerpiece on your website. It's on a wall in our kitchen. We're so pleased to be greeted by this lovely rooster every morning when we come down for breakfast!" Jenny Case 

The ceramics arrived today and were so well packed well. I have ordered a bowl and two more pieces in the same design; a long-serving tray and a round dish. I can't wait to receive them as well. I also have a Biscotti jar they customized for me. Instead of the blue, I had mine done with yellow/orange edging to match this bowl. It looks wonderful! Heather Cunningham 

We visited Umbria 4 months ago and handling these new items brought back many good memories. They are exact matches of the items we saw while we were there....totally authentic. I couldn’t believe how quickly the order was delivered. Jay Dean 

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